Green ionized water for cleansing, disinfecting, disease control and DRINKING.

Learning About Electrolyzed Water (EW)

Electrolyzed Water

A Treatise in Education

Environmental Chemistry

“In 1962 Rachael Carson published “Silent Spring.” Her book addressed issues of long-term environmental degradation of the planet by thoughtless use of chemistry to exact direct results without considering the future consequences to living species including the human race. It sparked the birth of responsible chemistry and is the foundation of the relatively new concept called “Green” chemistry.

The ingredients include a large volume of water with a small addition of a salt to increase water’s conductivity. A direct current is applied to the ingredients resulting in the decomposition of water and salt into many variations and forms of the constituent parts of water and salt. The process yields two distinct concentrations of super acid (human friendly) and super alkaline water with amazing antiseptic, cleansing, and disinfecting qualities. The “Green” attribute comes from two natural substances electrically rearranged to target bacteria, spores, mold, fungus, virus, and other microorganisms and then reverting (efficacy one week with accelerated degradation thereafter) to their original forms – neutral water and salt.

Electrolysis is simply the passage of direct current through a solution with an electrolyte (a soluble ionic substance like salt) causing a chemical reaction at two electrodes resulting in separation and energizing of the constituent molecular parts. It is a Frankenstein approach to creating something powerful and useful. Is it useful? Batteries are simply reverse electrolysis (this is why battery electrodes are reverse of electrolysis electrodes) and new fuel cells and hydrogen fuel are available due to electrolysis.”